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- Kreivi Crapulan kauhukabinetti ja muita kertomuksia -
(Finnish edition only)

This comic book contains a rare selection of Huitula's short, mostly previously unpublished comics strories from 1995-2009. For the first time the book brings to the daylight Huitula's other, hidden side of creativity. The word macabre gets a whole new meaning in count Crapula's (count Hangover) cabinet of horrors. But the big question is, how to cook perfect pancakes in the eternal flames of inferno?

This 15-year anniversary collection is an impressive showcase of the author's versatility in mastering various different comics styles.

Stories (In Finnish):
Satu epäonnisesta prinssistä
Kreivi Crapulan kauhukabinetti
The house where evil dwells
Luonto kutsuu
Onnelliset ovat ovisilmättömät
Kahvia matolla
Shredneck Joe