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Oni Kudaki (2)
-The Nightless City-

Kaede is a young woman raised by her foster parents in a small mountain village. Being trained in the secret arts of ninjutsu, she moves to Edo (present day Tokyo) to pass her final test. The late 16th century Edo was a prosperous metropolis filled with travellers from all over Japan. On her mission to the nightless city, Kaede is about to find out more than she was looking for. Secrets of the past start to reveal in the city that never sleeps.

Oni Kudaki combines the Japanese and European traditions of comic book art in a completely new way. Drawing its inspiration from old Japanese myths, legends and ukiyo-e art, Oni Kudaki blends it all together with a modern and dynamic manga style that refreshingly breaks the borders between art and entertainment.

Oni Kudaki is a ninjutsu technique and literally means 'the demon crush'.

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