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Kalevala - the comic book adaptation

The first and the only graphic novel adaptation of the Kalevala, the mystical national epic of Finland, consisting of all the 50 runes of the Kalevala in original textural form.
The awarded Kalevala comic book was also published in Russia in 2003, and the US English edition came out in 2005. ( US English translation by late Eino Friberg, published by Otava )

The poems that grew out of the oral tradition for more than a thousand years, were assembled by the Finnish scholar Elias Lönnrot and published in the final form in 1849.
The Kalevala epic was also used as a strong reference by J.R.R. Tolkien when writing his own tales of fantasy, the Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings.

In the second part of the Kalevala comic book Lemminkäinen, not being invited to the wedding of Pohjola, travels to Pohjola to have his vengeance. Kullervo meets his tragic destiny, and the struggle over the magical Sampo gets to its' final conclusion. Dive into the dawn of history, past the centuries into the time when time itself did yet have no meaning...

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